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Some of THE BEST Bakugan battles featuring Drago and Dan Kouzo! Watch them go head to head with Nillious, Mantonoid and more! FULL episodes of Bakugan now streaming on Netflix!

Bakugan Battle Planet follows the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his best friends: the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious creatures known as Bakugan! When Bakugan begin emerging from the earth’s crust in a mysterious worldwide “awakening” Dan and his friends must learn how to work with their Bakugan and deploy them in battle in order to survive the endless forces out to control, enslave or destroy the mysterious race of creatures. Dan and “The Awesome ones” must protect their Bakugan, the Earth, and ultimately the incredible secret hidden beneath their feet.

In the ALL-NEW Bakugan: Geogan Rising sees the rise of a new genetically enhanced Bakugan clone – GEOGAN! A Bakugan-like creature fused with elements of crystals, resulting in a new distinct geometric form. Cubes, pyramids, cylinders -not only do they look different than their Bakugan counterparts, but they are EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG and BUILT TO BRAWL! Geogan have arrived on the scene ready to prove their worth and dominate in the Bakugan battle arena. BAKUGAN BEWARE!

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Team up with your favorite Bakugan and battle your way towards becoming the Bakugan Battle League Champion in Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, only on the Nintendo Switch!

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