Don't fear death, LIVE now!

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A man in his 20s lost his close friend from elementary school. It’s been very hard for him to make sense of it all. He works as a veterinarian right now, but he’s been thinking a lot since the death of his friend. Ant then, he made a decision to apply for the medical school programs. He’s been trying to study, but it’s not easy. Are human lives more valuable than animals? He is wondering how he can balance his desire to have a new purpose in life and his overwhelming sense of loss. Taigu-Osho with his Buddhist teaching clearly articulates what is happening to this man. We, human beings, are living with these drives to avoid pain and seek pleasure, which he interprets as people try to live better. The source of pain here means that all of us (all living beings) don’t want to die. But we are meant to die sometime sooner or later. Osho reminds the vet that he will die as well. When you really understand that your own death is inevitable, that’s the moment you realize the truth. What is his recommendation for this young man? How can anybody deal with this agony? Taigu-Osho uses many examples for all of us to really understand his teachings, and we can all relate to this situation because we are all dealing with our lives. His realistic point of view will definitely make us think about what we are supposed to do.

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