Dinosaur Planet Playthrough - Part 20 - Making our way to the Desert Force Point Temple

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Attempting to play the Dinosaur Planet prototype as legitimate as possible, by progressing the game in the presumably correct order.

Only using a gameshark code to avoid having key-item pickups crash the game.

Exceptions to this will be in each videos description.

I had to save and reload at moon mountain pass or trying to go back to Discovery Falls or Swapstone Circle kept locking up the game (without crash screen).

As for the Portal Spell Scroll, the puzzle doesn't seem to be working as intended. I've found triggers in the games memory for a burning tumbleweed under the rock pillar, a trigger for kyte to breathe fire at that location and the scene that's in this video of the monster flying up. But there didn't seem to be anything to trigger it by normal play.

With the GS Code: 815C5129 0040
You can trigger the cutscene of the blue monster flying up.
But be careful it only plays once and it only stays up for a few seconds.
So put it on a GS Button or pause the game, enable it and quickly move past him. ( better put a savestate before that in case you miss your chance)
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