Diablo 2 Resurrected On PS5 With Cade And Deadpool The Necromancer To Level 99 Enjoy The Stream!

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Watch A God Go To Work And Help Other Fellow Slayers. We Had Long Journey So Far 2 Week's In Time Playing TY To My Buddy Junimartini For Introducing Me To This Masterpiece. Now Enjoy The Show! Enjoy When I Go Super Sayian God
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Hi its deadpool your favorite merc the footage you are about to watch is Legends In Action. Anyway enjoy the stream and exciting skills you are about to witness and Lets do this! Please Like Subscribe Or Comment

America still needs our help!
Enjoy The Show. :) Any questions? Feel free to comment below and thanks ahead for checking out the footage

Ps. Some ask me what VR CADE stands for.
Vinny's Reality Controlled Adult Digital Entertainment :)

We Have New Guild Outriders21 Title Hero21 Come Join The Hunt With Us And We Will Make You Legendary!

Thank you again watching just message us during live stream and be part of The Guild Master!
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