Debunking Myths About Democracy, Growth & Corruption - Yuen Yuen Ang | Endgame S2E19

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Yuen Yuen Ang is an associate professor of political science and a China scholar at the University of Michigan, with a from Stanford University. Her works center around China’s rise – one of the most significant disruptions of our times – and its global consequences. She studies China both as a disruptor to the global order and how its government adapts (or fails to adapt) to twenty-first-century challenges. She offers a bold and innovative framework for understanding economic development, which challenges current wisdom from modernization and institutionalist perspectives.

She is the author of two award-winning books: "How China Escaped the Poverty Trap" (2016) and "China’s Gilded Age: the Paradox of Economic Boom & Vast Corruption" (2020).

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