???? Death + Explosions! Minecraft X Life Ep.36

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Hiya! members of X Life went to the church of jeremyism to say goodbye to @JackSucksAtLife. In a chaotic turn of events the building exploded and every member lost a heart! After the will reading I returned home and competed jacks final request to remove and build the leprechaun prank over my house. Oh, and I also saved the jeremy donkeys and brought them to Starwood Stables:)

Welcome to X Life! This is a brand new modded SMP with a bunch of amazing Youtubers! We have a very special custom mod that completely changes the way our health works! Each player starts with 1 heart, and every time you die you gain a heart! If you die after getting 10 hearts though… You’re out! Who do you think will last the longest?

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