Creality Ender 3 V2 - An Even Cleaner Print By Using This Cheat

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While I'm still in search for the best seam on a bowden setup, I thought I would explore some other ideas. This one I call a cheat because it can't be called a complete success and it can only be used in certain situations. In any case it is a neat method and a fun little test to run. Maybe it could come in handy for some specific prints.

In my last video on finishing the cleanest print I received some comments about the seam, and truthfully I have been working on the best settings for this. I've never found great success with seams on this printer, that's partially to do with the larger nozzle I use, and partially because I haven't refined it enough. This video shows a method not normally used for parts like this, I've never really see it used in this way because it probably doesn't work very well. In this print, we've adjusted some settings and changed the setup a little bit to get a close to perfect except for one thing.

I am working on a final video for the best seams possible, if you have methods that help you out, please write a comment and I will be sure to try it out.


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