Chef Del Interviews His Brother Jeffrey Sroufe on Diet & Weight Loss

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Chef Del's Diet Daze video series interviews experts and others in the field of weight loss. In this week's video Chef Del interviews his own brother Jeffrey Sroufe.

"Dieting has always been a family affair in my house. My younger brother and I were put on our first diet by our pediatrician when I was eight years old -- my younger brother was six. We have both struggled throughout our lives with weight loss and weight gain and even though we have pursued different routes to weight loss, we both find ourselves some fifty years after that first diet, struggling to succeed at achieving ideal weight and good health. Obesity may have a genetic component, but both my brother and I know that our lifestyle choices (including the decision to diet) impact our health far more than our family genes."

The goal of this video series is to speak the truth about diet and weight loss, using science to dispel the myths and lies we’ve been told about the subject in order to give a clearer picture of how to proceed to make weight loss permanent. If you want to follow the science about nutrition, please join us.

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