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On 26th March 2020, 3 days after the national Covid-19 lockdown was announced in the Netherlands, I uploaded a trailer making known my intention to make 10 videos on various technical issues and favourite repertoire pieces.

On year on, on 26th March 2021 I invited flute enthusiasts to submit their questions to me which I would answer in a Zoom chat celebration together. I was delighted that these 14 lovely people from 10 different countries joined me to celebrate!

-------------------------------------Contents of this video ----------------------------------------
00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - ANYA: I’ve never done any competitions or youth how will this affect my CV?
05:12 - DÓRA: How do you attune to a concert before appearing on stage & advice to overcome anxiety?
10:20 - SIRIUS: Should we play our own Mozart cadenzas for auditions and competitions?
14:33 - CLIO: What was your journey like after conservatoire, before getting the Concertgebouw job?
20:12 - KERRY: What are your 'go to' warm-ups?
23:05 - MARTINA: What would your advice be in learning how to achieve ones own unique sound?
27:17 - REIKO: What topics are you going to cover in the future YouTube videos?
30:13 - FRED: Continental European v British orchestral sound?
34:05 - JANICE: How do you translate your knowledge (historical, emotional) of a piece into a performance?
39:35 - MORGANN: Instrument set-up (head-joint/thumbport)? Any judgement attached professionally?
44:02 - LUCA: Has your sound changed since joining the orchestra? Orchestra & solo sound?
48:01 - RICHARD: Embouchure tweaks?
52:22 - MATTEO: Have your Tube activities have changed your way of practising/playing?
55:44 - TERESA: Favourite chamber pieces that include flute from the Classical period?

Thank you all for your support, your time and your interesting questions!
Anya, Dóra, Sirius, Clio, Kerry, Martina, Reiko, Fred, Janice, Morgann, Luca, Richard, Matteo & Teresa

and many thanks too to Maarten Ornstein for being our Zoom moderator.

and of course, thank YOU for watching!
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