BIG Switch eShop Sale Goes Live And A New Metroid Game Takes The Internet By Storm | News Wave

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A big sale is now live on the eShop with Nintendo starting up their Spring Sale for the Switch showing a ton of games being marked down. A new fan made Metroid Prime game was released over the last few days and it impressed the internet showing a new perspective on the Prime series.

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00:00 - Start

00:45 - MLB The Show 21 Headed To Game Pass

2:17 - Sealed Super Mario NES Sells

3:55 - Virtua Fighter 5 Rated

4:48 - Nintendo eShop Spring Sale

7:24 - Metroid Prime 2D Demo

10:24 - Sony Improves Game Frame Rate

12:38 - World Of Demons Announced

14:20 - Poll

15:00 - Comment Of The Day

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