Big Games Teased For Tonight & An Old Game Series Getting Revived For Switch? | News Wave

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The Game Awards is set to kick off later tonight and a bunch of game announcements are expected at the event. Now several developers online have started to tease their announcements showing what could be a fairly packed show. Capcom was in the news recently for a big hack that took place and part of the info that was released points to an interesting revival for the Switch.

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00:00 - Start

00:56 - Spider-Man Miles Morales Performance Mode

2:20 - Ninja Gaiden Trilogy For Switch

3:40 - xCloud Heading To iOS

5:03 - Game Awards Announcements

10:17 - Ghosts N Goblins Trademark Renewed

13:26 - PS5 Shells Popping Up

15:29 - Comment Of The Day

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