ACDC Short term, long term, how to play it and more...

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Betweenplays is a for your Stock Entertainment Channel.
Revisited, ACDC review, due to copyright infringements on last ACDC video, i had to delete some major points in order to put up the video, this video is going back to a more serious Betweenplays.

Betweenplays is a for your Stock Entertainment Channel.
Our Motto: Research Prepare/Plan and Execute.
No emotional plays.
Minimize losses and MAXIMIZE GAINS.
Never marry an investment…Stay Strong.

for articles on companies, macroeconomic events, investing strategies and more…we now have three (3) writers on staff.
Twitter updates on articles, premarket info, events or headlines making waves.
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Go to for articles on Companies, Macro/microeconomic events, Investment Strategies…Join our Twitter feed for Premarket information, latest articles on our website, whats making headlines…Betweenplays is a for your Stock Entertainment Channel, our Motto: Research, Prepare/Plan, Execute…Seek financial advice if needed when investing, Betweenplays is an entertainment channel and we are not financial advisors, our webpage, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube Channel is purely for entertainment purposes only, we create content for your viewing experience and to pass on what we have learned over the years…Stay Strong (no emotional plays)..

Note: Betweenplays has been created for my children and there is no Pump and Dump plays on this YouTube Channel, nor will there be through our Webpage FacebookPage and Twitter account et al, we try to ensure quality plays, value stocks, overweight stocks, disruptive sector plays, dividend stocks, buying dips, momentum plays - we also play high risk but high growth stocks this is where the importance of a well planned diversified portfolio takes hold and more —but we do not short, even if the potential is there, its our methodology— although not a financial institution but as a means of communicating through entertainment and educational purposes - to teach my children how I and others at Betweenplays evaluate the Stockmarket and invest, instead of making a morbid, “if you are seeing this video type thing”, this is why I have comic books, an Atari console, a gum ball machine, hockey cards, books, chess board and a lava lamp in the background, it is too show my children things I loved when I was a kid; therefore all my plays are plays I researched and believe in at the time of the video.


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Legal Disclaimer:
Betweenplays is an entertainment channel, we are not financial advisors, seek help from a financial advisor when getting into any investment in stocks or in anything in life really, do not make decisions based off our videos, Weblog or other medians of communication, we always ask that you do as our Motto states: Research Prepare/Plan and Execute based on your own Research.

Betweenplays inc. copyright: patent Pending, registered trademark.
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