A Rare Nova Just Exploded In the Milky Way and It's Visible To The Naked Eye

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From what happened, to why it matters, and more! Allow us to show you how A Rare Nova Just Exploded In the Milky Way and it' s Visible To The Naked Eye!
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So, let's get right to the matter, shall we? Because this is about a piece of very recent history that is honestly pretty cool. On August 8, 2021, the star RS Ophiuchi burst into view in Earth’s sky as what astronomers call a nova. The recent this is so special, as noted in the intro is that this nova that was born was one that you could actually see from Earth without the help of various devices. So you wouldn't have needed a telescope or a satellite to go and witness this, if you were on the right spot on Earth, you could just go and see it!
In a dark sky, you can see it shining in the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. if you don't know what that recommend you look it up so that you can try and see this nova.
Just as important though was this wasn't a "blink and you'll miss it moment". Rather, this is something to where the star is honestly increasing in its brightness over time! Which means that it's actually gaining strength and power the longer it's in this form.
RS Oph normally shines at around a magnitude of 12. It’s usually much too dim to see with the eye or even most backyard telescopes. But when it went nova, the explosion caused the brightness of the star to increase in a way that honestly no one saw coming, which is why this is such a special thing. Or at least, special in certain ways given what we know about it. Because trust us when we say that RS Ophiuchi is much more than meets the eye.
We say that because RS Ophiuchi is one star in a very special system. That system being a "recurrent nova system". What does that mean? Put simply, it means that this is a system of stars that has novas happen somewhat regularly. RS Oph is part of a two-star system. One is a white dwarf, a highly compact, evolved star. The other is a red giant.

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