A Hot & Bothered Fox Lost His Gold | Lets Play Star Fox Adventures Gamecube Playthrough

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Let's Play Star Fox Adventures Part 14! A Nostalgic return to the Nintendo GameCube StarFox game. StarFox Adventures plays a bit more like a 3D Zelda Adventure than it does a classic Star Fox game, which turned a lot of people off to this one. It holds a special place in our hearts, though! Let's see how we feel about it years later!

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Star Fox Adventures was originally a Nintendo 64 game in development by Rare called Dinosaur planet. Over time the game moved from N64 to GameCube, and got reworked into a Star Fox game! The main Sabre was changed to Fox Mcloud, and Krystal remained the same! We got to keep Prince Tricky the Triceratops though!

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GameFace Intro/Outro music by Justis Wiles

Channel Art By Ryan Chandler

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