10 Creepy Archaeological Discoveries

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From Alien skulls to vampires in Bulgaria, to a pit full of headless gladiators, check out these creepy archaeological discoveries.

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10. Alien Skulls in Mexico
In 1999 residents of a small Mexican village called Onavas were building an irrigation canal when they discovered something really shocking. Not only did they discover an ancient burial ground, they found strange skeletons with elongated skulls. Obviously, that generated a lot of hysteria and a huge cry that proof of aliens was discovered at last!

9. The Vampires of Bulgaria
What would you do if you were an archaeologist that discovered a grave with a corpse with a stake through its heart?!

8. The Cybele Statue
While archaeologists were excavating an area within the Kurul Kalesi, a 2300-year-old fortress on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, they made an amazing but terrifying discovery. It was a large statue of a crowned woman weighing almost 445pounds(200kg) and measuring (110cm) high.

7. The Gates of Hell
Is walking through the gates of hell and surviving really possible? Well, the Romans thought so. They staged elaborate sacrifices at what they honestly believed were true entrances to the underworld.

6. Ancient Mummy’s Voice
How creepy would it be to hear the voice of a mummy that died thousands of years ago singing to you? Would you have the courage to sit alone in a room with a sarcophagus and play the audio recording of a mummy that scientists have managed to replicate?

5. Hanging coffin cave in Hubei China
Did you know there is a cave in Hubei China near the Three Gorges Dam called the Cave of Fairies? Local legend has it that the cave was once home to magical beings but when a team went to investigate, they were in for a different kind of shock than they expected.

4. Frozen Mummies
Now this is creepy as hell and I can imagine the faces of those who made the extremely horrifying discovery in a cave known to have been used for ritual sacrifices.
3. The Underground Labyrinth of Death
Modern technology is helping archaeologists make incredible discoveries that weren't possible before. In 2018, remote controlled robots made a fascinating discovery of a huge network of 35 interlocking underground tunnels that contained something terrifying.

2. Headless skeletons in York, England
Evidence that gladiator battles existed in England was revealed after archaeologists made a grisly discovery of several skeletons in York England. The skeletons were of extremely tall men who had died before the age of 45. What makes the find a gruesome one was the fact that all their heads were missing!

1. 'Witch' Prison
For a discovery to look eerie and creepy doesn’t always require grisly skeletons or macabre mummies. Sometimes just an object or a place will be enough to conjure up the creepiest images of the bizarre incidents that could have occurred there.

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